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Maybe I don't know what I'm doing

you're moving like a movie, you still move me

12 juil 05 20:44

Listen up bitches,
I got a new livejournal.
I am too lazy to leave you all comments.
I am going to add you all.
You better all add me back.


do it now.

I love you.

12 juil 05 19:22

So I'm at Dylan and Jessica's.

Today I found out I don't have to work on Friday. Holy shit it's the weekend. (I miss saying that)

Jess and I sat and talked over coffee with my mutti.

I picked up my little cousin, Logan. He threw his underwear out the window. It was cute because he is four.

I am listening to brand new.

I went to Chaz's birthday party for a while. It was good seeing people I haven't seen in a long time.

11 juil 05 23:45

So I am a little pissed. I have to work tomorrow. First they told me 10, then 9, now 8. I was looking forward to having the day off (or atleast sleeping in!). Atleast it's not a whole day, so hopefully that means I'll get out at noon and I can start my weekend (except Friday when I have to work 8-2....whatever)

I shaved my legs again today. I think I have razor burn. It's not very attractive.

Stayed at the courts for what seemed like forever. I am a fucking fairy when I shoot. Whatever.

My plans are kind of going down the drain. It's a little sad, but what did I expect?

I was in an emo mood earlier today. I am happy to say that I am no longer emo.

Dylan hit my car (TWICE!) in the taco bell drive thru. Micah was outside. I tried to make a scene. It didn't work out as well as I was hoping. I wanted to get out of my car, but the car infront of me got their food too quickly. damn the man. I think I am going to be sick. Taco bell wasn't such a good idea after all.

10 juil 05 23:35

So today was pretty much the perfect summer day/night.

Rachel called and picked me up. We went to the tree. We walked through the water and found an easier way to get to it. Then we ran through the fountain and chilled on the (wonderful) grass. Then we went and got ice cream.

I've been making collages for the last three hours. The stuff of my walls that I wanted covered, are covered. I don't like the way it looks though. It is time for some paint jobs. Maybe I should put some red somewhere in my room, it's the new trend.

I am going to go sit on my hammock.

10 juil 05 14:46

I am listening to a play list Betha made while she was here.
It has 99 problems by Jay Z.

I swear, if she wasn't my sister, I would totally marry her.

I had the weirdest dream and I need to tell Jessica.

I am re.doing my room. I am excited.

10 juil 05 00:54

I hate this time of year when my mutti is in Ohio for a week.
My vati and broham are disgusting. My vati told me that I have to stay home tomorrow and help clean. I am doing my laundry and cleaning the upstairs bathroom, fuck everything else. Thank god they are going to Canada next week so I can come home to a clean house.

The new pizza place (cottage inn) is open. I had a breadstick from there at David's apartment. Speaking of Davids apartment....
I love it. They have an attic AND a minor hole! The minor hole is the coolest thing ever.

I am home early today.

Fuck me. My friends are in town.

28 juin 05 17:13

I bought new sandals. They're hippie-tastic.

We are out of flavored water.

I am supposed to go help Beth make up her dance for the spirit squad in ten minutes or so.

Andy and Jesse ate all my veggie corn dogs.

I don't want to leave on Friday, even though I'll be back Monday.

I need to find somebody who is 18.

I am going to go make a smoothie, or go buy one.

I want to go take my car and drive for a long time, while listening to the cure.

who's down?

27 juin 05 08:15

I still haven't slept yet.

Dylan is going to kill all stupid people. I think I might join.

I broke the seal way too early last night!

26 juin 05 00:42

I broke the seal.

I almost got ate by a dog.

23 juin 05 16:48

Best day of summer.

Got my car back, went to Meijers to visit Dylan. left. Went with Eith to go get a smoothie from Blimpies. The guys working were nice, even though they didn't like Boston. Had the best smoothie ever, so I decided that is the new place to hit up for smothies. Finally we ran through the fountain. Then almost got arrested for indecent exposure. whatever.

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